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How can we be of assistance?

We provide services for clients that need assistance in reviewing their business processes, compliance review, KYC processes, AML processes, development of policies and procedures, business continuity plan, disaster recovery plan, change management and internal controls.

We can step into an accounting role, perform NAV calculations, prepare financial statements, assist during audit.

If you are in the process of establishing your business or simply need feet on the ground we provide services.

Accounting, Business Processes and Compliance
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We provide actuarial services for a number of pension and other benefit plans. Current clients include insurers, reinsurers, pension and benefit plans, governments, self-insured groups and trusts.  Provide liability valuations, pricing, reserving, feasibility studies, statutory valuations, asset valuations, capital models and most other aspects of benefit and insurance plans.  Advisor to governments in the region.

Actively involved with the development of modern benefit plans and risk solutions. Non-Executive director on boards.

Consulting Actuary
Consulting Actuary

We are members of Institute of Directors and serve on boards as NED or Corporate Secretary.

Board Work

Hamilton, Bermuda

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