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Our Business is Compliance Driven

Our aspiration is to provide high-quality and cost-effective services to our clients.

We are offering services to businesses in the areas of data governance, risk management and compliance, board work, accounting, and actuarial services.

We can be a service provider such that your business is in compliance with the Economic Substance Act.

With PIPA coming into effect organizations will need a Data Privacy Officer (DPO).  This can be outsourced to a third party like us.

PIPA will come into effect soon and GDPR is in effect.  We can write your Data Privacy policy and procedures as well as your Privacy Notice.  You can outsource the role of the Data Privacy Officer (DPO) to us.  We will have you covered. 

Risk Assessment

Every business should have a risk register.  If a business doesn't know what their risks are they don't know what controls they need to mitigate the risks.

A risk assessment comes hand-in-hand with reviewing or writing the business' policies and procedures.

A business must have a physical presence in Bermuda in order to be in compliance with the Economic Substance Act.  As a service provider we can be your company's 'feet on the ground'.


Whether your business is in the financial services industry, insurance, technology, accounting, or a local service provider we can write your policies and procedures.  We can be a second set of eyes on your policies and procedures, and we can perform annual reviews.

Services include liability valuations, pricing, reserving, feasibility studies, statutory valuations, asset valuations, capital models, and most other aspects of benefit and insurance plans.  

Accounting and Financial Planning

Accounting, cash flow management, and financial planning are services that we offer.


Hamilton, Bermuda

For information about how we use Personal Information see our Privacy Notice.

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